MBS Inc. is a company founded by Carey Martell for the purpose of developing the video streaming application  Zenither.


 Zenither is an easy to use, channel surfing experience. Our internet platform is designed to provide solutions to all major problems facing the digital TV industry in both the consumer and business sides.

Our goal is to liberate viewers from the traditional cable TV model by empowering content owners to operate independent networks with a global reach.

It’s more than just cool features, it’s an entirely new business model for online video creators!


We believe we are building the next great streaming video platform that allows creators to run their own television network using nothing more than a laptop and can set the price of their ad inventory. We work with filmmakers and content owners of all sizes to help them maximize their revenue opportunity for their content by giving monetization tools they have never had access to before in a video streaming platform.


We want Zenither to become the predominant digital television content service in the world. We believe we have a very disruptive model that will greatly improve the profitability of video content while still giving audiences a high quality watch experience.

The company also owns various Intellectual Property such as Carey’s former YouTube show, ‘The RPG Fanatic‘ and other films produced by his former company, Martell Brothers Studios. These assets will be repurposed after the Zenither app has launched and used to help populate stations owned by MBS Inc. with watchable content.